Dogs can get spooked or over-excited when they are out in public, which could lead them to harming someone. If an owner fails to reasonably control their pet when they are around other people, someone may get bitten or attacked.

If you were bitten by an animal, you may be able to file a suit for compensation with the aid of a personal injury attorney. So long as you file within two years of the day the incident took place, courts will allow you to present your case. Enlist the aid of a Houston dog bite lawyer to defend your rights and get you compensation for your losses.

Duty of Care in Canine Bite Cases

When a pet owner and bitten party contend with the legal aftermath of an incident, the state directs all parties to the “one bite rule.” The one bite rule notes that the injured person may only receive compensation from the defense if the canine in question had bitten someone in the past. Accordingly, should someone wish to take a dog’s owner to court after a bite, the owner may be found liable.

The dog’s owner must have been aware of their pet’s violent history. If an owner was unaware of the animal’s history of violence, or if the canine had not bitten anyone before, then someone may not receive compensation for their severe injuries. A skilled animal attack attorney in Houston could help a plaintiff determine if the one bite rule applies to their case.

Unique Standards in Texas

The state’s one bite rule permits all pets and their owners a single incident without penalties when it comes to unanticipated violent behavior. However, this allowance is relatively unique. Most states have canine bite statutes in place designed to immediately allow injured parties to file for compensation, regardless of the canine’s history, or lack thereof, of violence.

Because of this standard, it is difficult for injured people to fight for compensation for their losses in certain circumstances. It is not, however, impossible. People who have been injured have the right to discuss their legal options with a diligent animal bite attorney.

Negligence in Animal Attacks

Someone could fight for compensation in several ways. The claimant has the option to argue that an owner failed to control the dog, leading to the ensuing attack. No matter what the plaintiff claims, it must be proven that the defense:

  • Owned the dog in question
  • Owed the prosecution a duty of care
  • Failed to uphold that duty of care
  • Caused the claimant’s injuries through that failure

A qualified canine bite attorney in Houston could help a plaintiff prove the items listed above to build a strong case against the defendant.

Discuss Your Case with a Houston Dog Bite Attorney Now

Canine bite injuries are painful and could leave lasting damages. If you are not sure how to legally proceed after getting bit by a canine, contact an experienced Houston dog bite lawyer. A well-versed attorney could help look over the details of your case and determine what rights you may have. Together, you can build your case and fight for compensation. Call our office today to learn more.