Brain injuries are severe and can take some time to develop noticeable symptoms. If you do not address a traumatic brain injury in a timely manner, your health and future physical maneuverability could become at risk.

You do not have to face brain injury assessment and treatment on your own. If another party is liable for any of your losses related to the traumatic brain injury accident, you could connect with a Houston traumatic brain injury lawyer. A catastrophic injury attorney could help you assess the accident you were in and gather evidence against the liable party. Together, you could build a claim to submit to local courts and fight for related compensation.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Medical professionals classify a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a sudden injury that cause mild, moderate, or severe damage to a person’s brain. These conditions can cause a person to suffer from stilted mobility, personality changes, comas, and possibly death.

TBIs are divided into two categories: closed head injuries and penetrating injuries. Closed head injuries tend to be the result of minor motor vehicle crashes, falls, or pedestrian injuries. Penetrating injuries, comparatively, tend to result from aggressive assault and battery, severe automobile wrecks, and other serious accidents.

Symptoms of a TBI

Many symptoms of a TBI do not appear until several hours or even days after an accident. The most common symptoms that people may suffer from include:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Neck pain
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet

People who ignore these symptoms can inadvertently worsen their injuries. All parties who suffer injuries from car wrecks, bus crashes, motorcycle collisions, accidents on another person’s property, or defective products should seek the help of a medical professional as soon as possible.

An accomplished TBI accident attorney in Houston could aid someone searching for ways to pay for medical expenses and help them file a claim against the negligent person.

Compensation in a TBI Accident

There are several circumstances under which one party may be able to attribute the fault of an incident leading to a TBI to another party. Any individual who fails to care for their property, drive recklessly, or neglect a duty of care could be taken to court after an accident.

To fight for potential compensation, both the plaintiff and a traumatic brain injury attorney in Houston must identify the party they believe to be at fault. Similarly, the prosecution must elaborate in a formal claim about the claimant’s losses and to what compensation they should be entitled. Examples of potential brain injury-related compensation can include medical expenses, emotional damages, and lost opportunity for employment or wage.

Time Limits for Damages

All injured parties must file TBI claims with courts within two years of their related accident to fight for compensation, in accordance with Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003. If someone fails to file their claim within this time period, they will lose their ability to potentially receive compensation for their damages. A skilled Houston traumatic brain injury attorney could ensure that a plaintiff does not miss the deadline to file.

Call a Houston Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Today

If another party is at fault for your losses involving a TBI accident, you could file for compensation. Connect with a Houston traumatic brain injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. During an initial case consultation, you can outline the party you wish to accuse as well as the compensation to which you believe you could be entitled.