Under state personal injury law, anyone who is injured because of another motorist’s negligence has the legal right to be compensated completely for his or her medical bills, lost wages, and any other damages or losses arising from motor vehicle accidents.

If you were injured by another driver’s negligence, a Houston car accident lawyer can provide candid legal advice and aggressive representation while fighting for the best possible resolution to your car wreck claim. We are prepared to fight for the compensation that you need and for the justice that you deserve. Proving that you are entitled to compensation for injuries after a car accident will require the help of a skilled and trustworthy injury attorney.

Helping Injured Individuals Affected by Negligence

Our law firm aggressively represents persons injured by negligence in car accidents. We defend the rights of injury victims.

The treatment and care of catastrophic and disabling injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and severe spinal cord injuries are exceedingly expensive. A young person who is disabled may need several million dollars worth of surgeries, treatments, drugs, and nursing care over a lifetime. Some traffic accidents are even fatal, leaving the family in emotional turmoil.

A qualified lawyer in Houston can fight hard and advocate aggressively for the complete compensation amount that an injury victim will need following an auto collision.

How Can an Accident Law Firm Help Your Case?

A knowledgeable attorney can answer all of your questions after a car accident in Houston. He or she will thoroughly investigate the collision, review the evidence, and interrogate any witnesses. If it becomes necessary, your attorney will seek additional help with your case from medical authorities and accident reconstruction experts.

Our legal team will use every necessary legal tool to protect an injury victim’s rights. If you are not offered an acceptable settlement amount, we will take the case to trial and ask a jury to order the defendant to pay the compensation that is rightfully yours. Knowing what your rights and recourse are after a car accident is imperative.

What Should You Do After a Car Crash?

If you are injured in a car accident, report the accident at once to the police and to your auto insurance company, but make no statement to the insurance company beyond merely informing them that an accident has happened.

Your paramount priority after a car crash is summoning medical attention for yourself and for anyone else who’s injured. Do that first – and immediately.

An injury that seems inconsequential can develop later into a severe medical condition if you are not examined immediately after a traffic collision. Even if you feel great, get a checkup no more than 24 hours after any traffic crash.

Seeking Legal Assistance in Houston

After you’ve been treated for your injuries, the next priority is sound legal advice from one of Harris County’s best injury law firms, the Law Offices of Denise Adkison-Brown, PLLC. You can reach our law firm by phone or by completing the contact form here on our website.

Evidence from the crash will need to be examined, and witnesses will need to be interrogated quickly. Skilled representation will also need some time to develop a legal strategy on your behalf, so it’s critical to speak with us as soon as possible if you’ve been injured by a negligent driver.

Reach out to a Houston Car Accident Attorney Right Away

If you are looking at overwhelming medical expenses and permanent or long-term disability, our firm will fight for the compensation that you’ll need to pay for your future medical expenses, to cover all of your lost income, and to compensate other accident-related damages.

Don’t sign any insurance paperwork or even make a statement to an insurance company before you consult a legal advocate. Do not agree to a first settlement offer. Almost always, a Houston car accident lawyer can negotiate a better settlement on your behalf.

Experienced legal help is your right. If you are the injured victim of a negligent driver in this state, and if your health and future may be at stake, contact the Law Offices of Denise Adkison-Brown, PLLC by phone at (713) 714-6206 or fill out our contact form and an accident attorney will reach out shortly.