Personal Injury

When you have been injured by someone or something, it can take a skilled attorney to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

First Party Insurance Dispute

If your insurance company has denied, underpaid, or delayed compensating you for a claim, then the next step is to hire an attorney. The insurance companies have an attorney; you need one too.

Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The Deceptive Trade Practices Act protects consumers from unfair, false, misleading, and abusive goods and services by businesses in certain situations. If you have been harmed by the tactics of a business, then give us a call.

Dram Shop

When you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to drunk driving, bars, restaurants and night clubs may be held responsible for over-serving. Immediate investigation by an attorney who knows the liquor laws of Texas can preserve your claim.

Business Litigation

Litigation disrupts the goals and prosperity of a business. Our attorneys offer cost-effective, efficient services and strategic plans with the client’s goal in mind.

Construction Law

We represent general contractors, subcontractors, developers, homeowners, builders and other entities involved in the construction of homes and buildings. Contact us if you have a question involving construction defect, defaults, contracts, liens or design defects.